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Hybrid Mixing, Protools, and John Tesh

As some of you may know, I've been lucky enough to take Joe Baressi and Chad Bamford's "Pro Sound Workshop" classes. The classes mostly revolve around Joe's recording and mixing techniques, with a lot of theory thrown in by Chad. In early December I completed the last of the classes with "Mixing Intensive", and "Advanced [...] Continue Reading >

Little Flower -Demo

I don't think Cass  knew that this song was about her as she sang it. That's probably a good thing. She probably wouldn't have performed it like this if she'd known. How cool is it that my girl is singing a song about herself? I've actually written a bunch of songs with her as my [...] Continue Reading >

Butterfly- A Pop Song Demo

We got a new bass line from our man Dave Demarco today, but I haven't put it in yet. I wanted to just kind of document where we were, and you can hear it with the new bass line soon! This song got recorded, wiped, and re-recorded 6 times before we felt it was working. [...] Continue Reading >

6 Sticks of Dynamite

Well, here's a first shot at bigger guitars. I ran a Rockcrusher after a  my Marshall JCM-800 into the center, with a cabinet emulation on this song. I think it helped a bit. My plan was to record amps to the sides this weekend, but we've got a dog just back from surgery that needs [...] Continue Reading >

New stuff underway

We've got quite a bit going on. New Songs are being written and recorded. Legacy songs from the 80s and 90s are being finished up for archives, and possible release here and there, and we are planning video for some of the Songs on the first album. A few weeks back, I spent two days [...] Continue Reading >

Spent Aces Album Released Today!

After a couple years of work, we are happy to release our first album "Spent Aces" today.  Over to the right, you can play it for free, or take a link to buy it at all of the major digital music retailers. "Spent Aces" is a collection of songs mostly about relationships, from the most [...] Continue Reading >

Album Release Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a milestone for us. On 5/11/17 we will release our first album! I've been recording and mixing for other folks for many years. During this period I have written and recorded many songs, but never put them all together into one album. In about 1984 I bought a little Fostex 4 track multitrack [...] Continue Reading >

Album Artwork

Front and Rear covers are done. Rear Above, Front below! Continue Reading >

Such A Mess – Song Preview

Our last unmastered preview. Today we received the masters back, but I thought we'd finish the run of unmastered songs. This one is called "Such A Mess". We've got some work to do now, but in a week or so we will release the finished album. Continue Reading >

That’s Why You Run – Song Preview

This week's preview is "That's Why You Run". It's a song that kind of has a rock western feel to me. Kind of a pop culture movie soundtrack song. I tried to create a sense of space in the mix, and make it open and dynamic. Hopefully that is how it will feel to you. [...] Continue Reading >